Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital by Design: 7 Key dimensions of a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

Please allow me to share a roadmap to Digital Transformation. The "Digital by Design" roadmap consists in total 8 series. the key topics which I will cover in the upcoming series are:

  1. Leadership & Organisational Culture in Digital Era
  2. Employee Engagement & Retention in Digital Business Models
  3. Industry Partnerships & Digital Value Chains
  4. Disruptive Technologies & Exponential Growth
  5. Data Science & Quantum Leap in Strategic Foresight
  6. Cyber Security
  7. Cyber Law 

In this introductory serie the 7 key dimensions are briefly explained.
There are 7 key questions to ask while developing a Digital Transformation Strategy. 

Digital transformation initiatives are the top priority for todays CEOs and CIOs around the globe. Accelerating adoption of disruptive Information Communication Services and Technologies is widely recognized as one of the most critical drivers for future business success. 

Will your business exist in the next 10 years?