Project Portfolio

Project Domains

  • Cyber Risk and Resilience
  • Change Management, Human Capital and Organisational Development
  • Risk Management and Business Continuity
  • Process Improvement and Business Excellence
  • Team Leadership and Cooperation
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT innovation
  • Demand and Supply Management in Business and IT
  • Marketing, Law and Business Ethics

Top 3 Projects
Project 1: Cloud Based Matchmaking Platform

Client: Europe Asia Chamber of Commerce (EACC)

Geographical Location: Europe and Asia

Key Stakeholders: Executive Boards, Business Development and Marketing Managers, Governmental Trade and Commerce Departments. Solutions Architects and Developers

Key Goals: Enable European and Asian companies to effectively and efficiently find local and international business partners

Scope: identify business needs and develop a cloud based matchmaking platform

Duration and Budget: 18 months / confidential

Outcomes: A cloud based platform was developed, which led to matchmaking of almost 2 million businesses in 6 industries across Europe and Asia. Generated 40% more business for local business partners in professional and IT services

Project 2: Cybersecurity Risks and Opportunities

Client: International Defense and Security Organization
Geographical Location: Germany, Netherlands, U.K, Italy, Canada and U.S.A

Key Stakeholders: Executive Boards

Key Goals: Improve cross industry collaboration and security information sharing

Scope: Identify security risks and opportunities

Duration and Budget: 4,5 months / confidential

Outcomes: The proposed solution (customized hybrid cloud) reduced the operational cost of information sharing by 60% while enhanced collaboration by 100%

Project 3: Security and Resiliency of the Human Network

Client: International Political Organization

Geographical Location: Germany, Italy and Netherlands

Key Stakeholders: Executive Boards, Security Managers, law and Policy Makers

Key Goals: Improve security and resiliency of the Human Network against evolving cybersecurity threats

Scope: Identify security risks and develop a mitigation methodology

Duration and Budget: 9 months / confidential

Outcomes: The proposed solution reduced the security education costs by 70%. Furthermore, the business community in The Netherlands awarded this solution “The best in business award 2015-2016” (39 business managers and leaders participated in race to win this business award)

About Sheraz Ali

Mr. Sheraz Ali, M.B.A is a “Best in Business” award-winning serial entrepreneur and Digital Transformation, Security & E-Privacy advisor to businesses and federal governments.

With more then a decade of experience in diverse management and consulting roles, in the fields of Information & Technology Services, Business Consulting, Financial Services, Cyber Security and Risk Management, he helps enterprises to innovate and excel in highly competitive and rapidly changing business environments.

Organizations he supports, effectively and efficiently innovate and build disruptive products and services. His value adding support empowers them to integrate and benefit from emerging technologies such as: Fintech, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, Advance Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing.

Sheraz Ali, M.B.A